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Our forthcoming reader contributed book ‘The Worlds Worst Urban Places and Spaces’ has spawned a companion entitled ‘The Worlds Best Urban Places and Spaces’ it comes courtesy of Russell Davies and Dan Hill.

To quote Russell on our notion of producing a blog reader contributed book:

I thought that was a really interesting idea, a great way to use a distributed publishing model. But, while chatting about it with Mr Dan Hill and, both of us being mindless optimists, we wondered if we could do a companion piece about The World’s Best Urban Places and Spaces. That seemed like a good idea too. Accentuate the positive and all that. So we checked with Dr Hudson-Smith, he’s cool with it, so here we go.

So over at the Russell Davies blog and City of Sound from Dan they have set up a Flickr group ready to receive to images for the book.

Two books to be honest is a great idea to celebrate the best and the worst of our cities and urban realms. While ours is the Worlds Worst Urban Places and Spaces it should be noted that its a celebration of everything that can be just a little bit ‘crap’ about our cities with a note that things can be changed. So its on a positive vibe, just looking at the monumentous cock-ups people can sometimes make in urban planning, architecture and urban design.

Embedded below is a slide show of the images submitted so far:

If you would like to be in the book its simple, wherever you are in the world simply take a photograph of anything you think is a bad example of architecture, urban planning, streetscape or anything related to the city.

Once you have your photograph, at as high a resolution as possible, you can simply upload it to our newly created group on Flickr, Worlds Worst Urban Spaces and Place including a description of between 100 and 250 words.

We will then include the text and image in a blog post as well as the book, full credit will of course be included on the blog and on your page/section of the book.

All we need is your images and then we can publish – as can Russell and Dan.

See Russells site for the Worlds Best Urban Places and Spaces and our earlier post for details on the Worlds Worst Urban Places and Spaces.

An archive of all the submissions so far is on the companion Worlds Worst Urban Blog.

We are looking forward to seeing both books in print, assuming the idea works of course…

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