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Following our previous post on Digital Maps: Paper Map Companies Folding we thought we would post a quick movie on the move to GPS.

Step forward Professor of RVing, Jim Twamley and his test drive of the Mio c520 GPS. We haven’t a clue about the hand puppet raccoon reading his paper map but it made us smile enough to do a blog post:

Still not sure about the raccoon…


  • tyke says:

    Hardly a ‘digi walker’ if it sits on the windscreen of your car.
    Perhaps this is as close as most Americans get to ‘walking’?

  • Perl Jam says:

    Kewl, you picked the Mio which got reviewed in CNet too. For this and the Garmin that made it to ConsumerSearch’s top selection for 2007, see the GPS review, for auto or handheld GPS.

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