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A second post on Crysis as we continue to experiment with the game engine for importing architectural and city models direct from Sketchup/3D Max and ESRI ArcScene.

Embedded below is a movie detailing progress on importing sections of our Virtual London model. Note the landmark buildings – St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tate Modern. Also note the satellite photograph which can be used to trace in the road layout, placement of vegetation etc:

Our previous movie for reference is embedded below, illustrating a textured model originally constructed in SketchUp:

We should have an update movie later today with road layouts and reflective water etc, once we have the import path complete we will also upload a tutorial.

At the moment Crysis is proving to be an extremely effective engine for both city and architectural visualisation…


  • Anonymous says:

    looks very good! i´m very curious about the tutorial as i´m trying to figure out exacly the same.

  • asolitarywave says:

    Great – this is fantastic. I guess what’s needed to test out the engine is the sort of model visualisation people produce – a smaller scale, perhaps 1 or two building effort, but with detail material rendering. Do you have that sort of model around?
    What’s the scoop with materials? can these just be imported directly from Max?
    How does the engine handle reflections (apart from on water) and translucency? I don’t remember there being any glass in the Demo.

  • Michael says:

    Yeah, this is really fantastic.

    I’m going to try to import some of my models as soon I get into this thing.

    I’ll probably have 1 gazillion noob questions.

    Please make a tutorial 😀 Pretty please with sugar on top.

  • Matej says:

    I’m very keen on that tutorial as well-good work

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, for those that are interested you get the Sandbox2 editor with the demo that has been released. I’m not sure if the one included in the game is more mature and I guess maybe you’ll need a proper licensed version to apply the latest Crysis patch.

    Anyway, I have a simple question: What software did you guys use to record from the editor? Looks slick and good rez
    I was struggling with this – there are some obscure hints on crymod but nobody gives a straight answer apart fomr typing in commands to the console…Surely the builtin AVI recorder is dysfunctional…

  • Anonymous says:

    as a student of architecture im very interested in using cryengine2 as a tool for my presentations ….how can i import my buildings into the game engine?

  • Anonymous says:

    PLEASE just tell me how you got your sketchup model into the sandbox2 editor… thats all i need to know… thanks.

  • Hi there

    Not sure if you guys have managed to get the tutorial up yet – but I would be really interested in finding out how you did this.

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