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Radium Audio Ltd – Saxton – Leeds – Green Spaces from Radium Audio Ltd on Vimeo.

The animation above it typical of the high quality output from The Neighbourhood. Perhaps more interesting here however, to look beyond the visuals for once, is the audio accompanying project. Below is a description in the words of the company behind the soundscape, Radium Audio Ltd:

Project: Saxton – Leeds – Green Spaces
Developer: Urban Splash – United Kingdom
Production Company: The Neighbourhood
Director: The Neighbourhood

Background: Urban Splash is a property developer in the UK and commissioned The Neighbourhood to complete 6 short animated films.

How we did it: Our task was to create the music and sound design for all 6 films. The first film in the series is Green Spaces. We created a wonderful bubbly guitar score that fits the visual mood perfectly, summer time, fun, barbeques, and carefree days. The sound design score reflects the visual element, and also adds a sparkle to the events.

Sounds we created include: Music score, buzzing bees, rainbow texture, camera movement swooshes, foley, atmosphere track, people & animal track.

Sound can be easily overlooked, yet it perhaps one of the most important elements of an architectural animation – see Radium Audio Ltd’s page on Vimeo for more examples.

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