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Crysis LEGO map from Robert Tieber on Vimeo.

The Crysis engine has an inbuilt physics system that supports vehicles, rigid bodies, liquid, rag doll, cloth and soft body effects. The movies in this post provide a glimpse of the physics engine in action, the first clip above demonstrates the ‘Lego’ modification running in real-time.
The following movies illustrate the use of the physics engine of Crysis in maximum effect. Note each one was rendered frame by frame using the ‘linked method’, take a look at this thread for full details.

Crysis Mass Physics HD By ÂLÐÒ•Ó from Ald0o0 on Vimeo.
Continuing the theme:

Crysis Mass Physics HD VOL II By ÂLÐÒ•Ó from Ald0o0 on Vimeo.

Crysis Mass Physics HD VOL III By ÂLÐÒ•Ó from Ald0o0 on Vimeo.
Finally applying the technique to buildings:

Readers may recall our work earlier work in Crysis, a change of deadlines stalled the earlier work somewhat but we will be returning to Crysis in terms of physics, agents and urban modelling in the coming months…

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