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No particular 🙂 point to this post, just spent a few minutes in After Effects and its amazing what you can do in very little time. The movie below is a quick visualisation of how the earth may of formed if it was a Google Universe:

Particles to Google Earth from digitalurban on Vimeo.

Perhaps when you zoom out far enough there really is a little ‘Google’ logo in the stars?

Anyhow, back to work…


  • jimmie says:

    I take it you were inspired by that morph/time lapse video that you posted? 😉 So was I as I quickly surfed over to Adobe to investigate some of AfterEffects’ capabilities. Hoping to have a timelapse of my own done soon.

  • Andy says:

    AE is a very neat software package… one that I should be covering more of in the future 🙂

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