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As we have pondered in various posts Augmented Reality is a quick win in terms of visualisation, it is realtivly easy to implement and has a high ‘wow’ factor. The concept is simple, a webcam is linked up via a toolkit that is able to identify printed tags, the system then superimposes and 3D model over the scene – thus augmenting reality.

Of course the printed tags dont have to be ‘physical’ they can be embedded into Virtual Worlds such as Second Life, creating a really unqiue concept of importing/moving and visualisation objects in a virtual environment.

Take a look at the video below from cristiancontini for a really interesting proof of concept:

Augmented Mixed Reality: Second Life pops out from the Screen from cristiancontini on Vimeo.

See for download and working examples.

See also our recent posts on Papervision Augmented Reality and Augmented Reality for Architecture using SketchUp.


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