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Picked up via Engadget (we know we should be doing better things with our time…) the movie below details DIS.PLAY a flexible display consisting of foam and force sensors which is deformable. The system works with the parameters position and time like other touch screens as well, but in addition to that, it reacts, above all, on the intensity of pressure:

impress – flexible display from Sillenet on Vimeo.

Combine this with a Geographical Information System and a whole number of possible scenarios come to mind such as trying out fluid motion in terms of flooding scenarios by raising or lowering the land….(?)

See for full details.

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  • Felix says:

    Not so great. The projection on the back of the hand is really irritating, the handling is imprecise, the foam does not retain the modelled form – there is no advantage over using motion/location sensor gloves or the like, which appear to much more precise.

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