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Vienna 3D – Visualization of Arkadiusz Szadkowski MSc from Arkadiusz Szadkowski on Vimeo.

Arkadiusz sent as a email over the weekend about the visualisation of Vienna he has produced as part of his Diploma at the Warsaw University of Technology
(Department of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) & Vienna University of Technology
(Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing).

We are impressed and it shows how times have changed – this is a high quality model with accuracy on the XY of 0,3 metre and Z axis of 0,2 metre. Where as once such models would of been team built with high end specialized software of note in the movie is the use of Google SketchUp.

Basic data was provided by the Surveying Department of the City of Vienna, Austria with 300 terrestrial images collected by Arkadiusz himself. The full list of software used is as follows:

# Adobe After Effects CS4 (intro) – we like the clouds…
# DTMaster (filtering, postprocessing LiDAR (ALS) data)
# SCOP++ (DTM & nDSM generatiing)
# GML Undistorter (undistorion of pictures)
# GVE (supporting modelling)
# Ruby Scripts (import point cloud to SketchUp)
# Google SkecthUp 7 (modeling, texturing, animating)
# Gimp (2D graphic processing)
# Windows Movie Maker (final sync & animation)

See and for more information. You can also view and download the models via the 3D Warehouse (direct link).

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