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Crysis showed what was possible in terms of using game engines for architectural visualisation. The third version of the engine has just been demoed at SIGGRAPH 2009 –

Take a look at for more footage and information, we cant wait to give it a try…

Thanks go to Ben for emailing us the link, work, interviews and deadlines have annoyingly got in the way this week of the blog, considered our hands slapped for missing the Crysis update and a whole day yesterday without a post…


  • Anonymous says:

    I love the Frame rate and it looks crisp, BUT the bounced light in the examples looks dark, looks incorrect
    The sponza has rendering example that looks correct:

    thank you for the info–DT

  • beestee says:

    Right now these “light propegation volumes” being demonstrated can only account for a single indirect illumination bounce. Just as with any form of indirect illumination rendering, the more bounces that are used, the more light will penetrate the scenes darker areas.

    Basically what is seen in this demonstration is the technology in it’s raw form. I am sure tricks will be used to boost scene lighting and utilize this technology in very convincing ways in the near future.

  • Anonymous says:

    Beestee, I look forward to the improvements. Thank you for the explanation of the light propagation volumes DT

  • watsonrodrig says:

    I liked the video and it shows that you have been doing really hard work there. Keep up the spirit and let
    the gamers like me test it and show to the world.
    villas bali

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