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Build a 3D city using the rules from Conway’s Game of Life and you’ve got our attention. The movie below details such a 3D city engine based developed in Processing by Jeannette Kuo, Dino Rossi and Dominik Zausinger:

The team seem to come from the The Master of Advanced Studies in CAAD at ETH in Zurich – a one-year postgraduate program with a focus on computer-based architectural design and its automated production. The program examines the use of current information technologies as an augmentation of concepts of architecture.

Very neat…

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  • Dino says:

    i’m pretty sure you were the first person to pick this video up and i thought you might be interested to see where the discussion has lead and maybe participate…

    check out the recent Beyond the Beyond post:
    “The Authors of Voxopolis speak”

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