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Our work on TalesofThings has in a fundamental way changed the way we view the world and the city around us. It has made us very much aware of the daily events, the memories which are so often lost. Yet now almost everything can be captured and saved to a ‘thing’ an ‘object’ and as such we have the possibility of persevering and tagging everything.

Melbourne (Still Here) from Aze Cunliffe on Vimeo.

The above movie clip is an example of spontaneous footage shot in urban Melbourne by Aze Cunliffe throughout May 2009. Soundtrack – atb’s “Still Here” from the album Future Memories. Talking of Future – the TOTeM group are capturing memories and tagging objects with qrcodes and rfid this week at Future Everything.

By linking memories direct to the object with audio/video/text/photos it does change the way we see ‘things’ and indeed how our memories are saved for future generations – take a look at – esp the World of Things map…

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