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While planning out some future research in the office this morning the conversation turned to low cost drones with 720p recording. The movie below provides a glimpse of a possible future purchase – the Parrot AR Drone 2:

The cityscape in the movie above, along with the context of the drone, does of course draw up comparisons with the monitors in City 17. Our previous look at the architecture of City 17 provides a glimpse of them hovering over the city:

We don’t wish to paint an overly dystopian future of unmanned drones watching our every move, but to be honest it is looking like they will be increasingly pervasive in coming years.

With that cheery thought, we should have a couple of the units flying around CASA soon, linked to some wider modelling and sensing work….

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  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this very interesting article. The potential for drones, 3D, spatial data and communicating environments has amazaing potential.

    Please look at some of the existing videos captured by Airborne Videos in a few hours.

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