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‘City in the sky’ is a concept about an imaginary tranquil oasis above the mega-developed and polluted city, where one can escape from the everyday noise and stress. It was developed as part of the ‘Megatropolis’ project, which started in London with few companies and artists, invited to create their own visions for the future mega-developed city. The metropolis depicted in the video is New York City because that’s where most of the production happened.While the overall ‘Megatropolis’ project didn’t reach a final stage, the presented concept grew into this architectural utopia.

The inspiring movie below is rendered with 3DSMAX and V-Ray. Additional footage and time-lapses shot with Canon5D MKII in New York City. Post&FX in AE:

City in the sky from Tsvetan T on Vimeo.

The end night shot is especially noteworthy…

Take a look at for more info.

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  • Reaven says:

    Cool concept and visuals, but I’m not a fan of that ending shot. Mainly because it got me thinking of plants, and how taller plants and trees can shade and choke smaller plants out of sunlight.

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