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Blogs new lookWe have a new look at digitalurban, at the moment its very much in its beta phase with the move away from blogger and into wordpress. The move allows us to set up a range of new features and portfolio type pages, for example if you click on ‘tutorials’ or any of the scrolling images on the front page you will be taken to a new gallery style layout for themed posts. With over 1800 posts over the years this will allow us to group them in sections and upload featured themes over the coming months.
As ever with the redesigns over the years we value your comments – let us know what you think and if you have any requests for other features, for example would an online forum be useful?
Its been great over at blogger but its time to move on and grow, so we hope you like the new look and the move to wordpress.
The move is now almost complete, we are live at

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  • Tomasz says:

    Whatever you are doing with the blog, now it’s rss feed that is in my reader asks me for a username and password when post shorts are loading.
    That was a bug, now the request part. I suppose that a usual forum would not be attractive when this mode of cooperation (forums that is) seems strangely out of date. Stagnated form with small icons and mosaic of meta-data, mostly not giving enough insight in topics development. Expecting to see analytical images and stories behing them to engage comments, interest and cooperation.

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