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The latest in the digital urban tutorial series is available as a downloadable .PDF, it looks at exploring applications for physics engines in urban modelling, the first step of which is a series of techniques to introduce gravity and mass to urban models.
We produced a tutorial back in 2009 using ‘Reactor’, Autodesk no longer use this engine and have now moved onto MassFX. MassFX adds a number of new options and tweaks to the simulation which took some time to work out. The concept however is the same, create a city using ‘Greeble’ and drop 200+ balls into the urban realm, using Lumion is it possible to view the simulation in realtime:

Music by Portoponte

The tutorial covers a number of steps in 3D Max to allow export into Lumion, creating the movie above.
Download the tutorial as a .PDF: Greeble and MassFX Tutorial (7.8Mb)
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