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Microsoft’s Live Local includes ‘Birds Eye’ images which provide various views around buildings. Its interesting in terms of views but compared to Google Earth lacks any interactivty or 3D Element.

Therefore, using these images we thought it would be interesting to try and construct 3D Models from the data. Below displays an image from the output, you basically get a 3D model rendered out of the webpage screengrab. You could of course then port it into Google Earth….

A Quicktime movie of the model can be viewed from here (8Mb).


  • Anonymous says:

    hey just stumbled upon this blog and just wanted to say how great it is, keep up the good work!


  • Anonymous says:

    Can you elaborate more on how you were able to create this 3D image from all sides?

  • Smithee says:

    Thanks for the comment.. it was purely a trail so we screen grabbed images from Microsoft Live which covers all angles of the buildings.

    From this we were able to easily create the model as the images from Microsoft Live provide the perfect angle.

    If we had the raw source images we could of course of made a much better job of it…

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