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When we leave the city and the safety of an almost constant connection to the Internet there are times when we need to check our email, run a blog post or just catch up with some work.

Having experienced some time out of town this weekend we still needed to be in touch with the outside server world and so turned to our trusty Nokia N95 and its built in 3G modem.

We have been Mac users now for a month, having finally jumped ship from windows after 10 years as a result one to many Vista nightmares. Set up was surprisingly easy with us connecting to the Internet via our N95 and Vodafone in under 5 minutes.

All that is needed is a quick trip to the Nokia page for the isync plugin and then the simple question of enabling bluetooth on both the N95 and the Mac.

Running through ‘Set Up Bluetooth Device’ was straightforward with a screen requesting user name and password for our carrier – in our case Vodafone. We picked up the details from Ross Barkmen’s GPRS Info Page which carries usernames and passwords for most services providers around the world.

With the password in place it was simply a case of opening our network preferences and connecting via Bluetooth.

It enabled us to post a couple of entries today and finally feel connected regardless of location. All we need do now is move from Vodafone who allow (in their words) a ‘massive 120mb per month’ of data to T Mobiles unlimited Web ‘n’ Walk that seems to be getting all the hype recently.


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