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  • taemo says:

    Wow. Interesting video. I like it. and that’s the thing I gonna study for now ‘coz I have to present it in our class.

  • Shawn Graham says:

    This is fascinating. I’ve got some agent models I’d love to recast in this way (with regard to ancient cityspaces). I look forward to seeing how this develops!


  • Yan H. says:

    old Post, but this is way cool. This is exactly what I am intending to do: translate quite a behemoth of a netlogo model of game mechanics to C# in Unity. I would be seriously interested in the plugins you have been working on! Do you have something available already? I’d love to have a look if possible.
    @Shawn and btw, I’d love to see the models of ancient cityspaces. I suppose its people moving in those spaces. I intend implementing something of that sort in the same Unity project as well.

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