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Regular readers will know that we are big fans of 3D Max here at digital urban. The up and coming 2014 version has a notable feature for anyone interested in urban visualisation – the ability to add crowds to scenes.

Example Screen Grab of Populate in 3D Max 2014

Example Screen Grab of Populate in 3D Max 2014

One of our uses of 3D Max is for agent based modelling, specifically using the Crowd and Delegate System – see (ABM, SketchUp, ArcGIS and Lumion for an example movie). The addition of crowds however has always proved more difficult, especially directly within 3D Max. The new Populate section of 3D Max 2014 aims to address this and it looks impressive, the movie below provides an insight:
3D MAx 2014 should be released anytime soon (we cant seem to track down an exact date), as ever all students get free access and we will be integrating Populate into our Masters Degree next year…


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